The results of our project ExReCo are available or expected on four different level:

At a personal level, the overall effect is the satisfaction, which the participants feel about the project and which can not be quantified. The feeling is valued to have worked a week away from the home country in terms of content and the foreign language English. To create and present products and to experience a society that was previously only knewn as vocabulary. Coming so close formed friendships in some cases, but in any case the comprehension that the similarities are sginificantly greater than the differences has been developed.

This feeling applies equally to the students as well as to the teachers. The teachers now have some good new ideas to make their lessons even more interesting. Concrete examples can be mentioned here as the idea for the two-year seminar course, which includes a scientific research followed by a Science Conference. For our partner schools, the Robotics AG and parts of our scientific equipment (such as the special Bunsen burners) were transferable ideas.

Our goal of reaching relevant, high-level skills of the students for high school, college and their career choice in the field of STEM has certainly been achieved through a variety of different activities: from guided scientific work (gene isolation, chromatography, programming) Microcontrollers, chemical and biological microscopy) on independent research in the field of research and presentation (Science Conference, presentation of school curricula and timetables, ...) to improve the foreign language English and the development of personal skills through constructive cooperation in a foreign cultural environment, there was significant progresss on all the students involved.

At the local level, the greatest impact can certainly be seen in the individual schools. Partners' comparison and assessment of science curricula has resulted in a more conscious handling to the weightning on content and desired skills and abilities of students on their way to the world of work. There is also a much wider public perception, both on the part of the school community and at the other schools and local companies.

The impact on regional level is reflected in the increased cooperation with institutions such as the Student Research Center in Bad Schussenried and the University of Ulm, by which the network university, high schools, industry, the scientific work in molecular biology and biotechnology is brought to high school. Somewhat disappointing was the low response of the other registered and invited high schools in the region.

At European level, it is not possible to assess with certainty how the impact will be in the medium and long term. The aim is not to interrupt the contacts and to be able to participate in the further development of our European partner schools.

Another goal, the strengthening of the profile of our science teachers, has also been achieved, although there are certainly clear differences in relevance, which is due to the sometimes very large differences in the initial situation.