"I loved my Erasmus experience. I learnt a lot: I discovered the german culture and I developed my knowledges in sciences. I think it's an experience to repeat!"


"Stay more time in the exchange country."


"It is the best experience i’ve ever partecipated to. I had the opportunity to get to know different cultures, learn something new about science and improve my english and german. I made new friends and I had a lot of fun. I’m really grateful for this experience."


"Much more time"


"I've learnt to share Italian culture and to know more about German culture and habits."


"Great experience! Met a lot of amazing people and learnt a lot."


"I liked it a lot! I learned about different cultures and did very exciting visits to museums and other places:) I’m very pleased to have been a part of the project"


"I learned lots of new things also outside the school, with my host family. The workshops were very intetesting"


"A great experience befriending people from other countries"


"The new friends I made while abroad was probably the most valuable thing about the whole trip"


"I had a great experience with the project. Especially since I got to know new people and a new family from a different part of the world."



Hellstrøm Nordahl



"It was very fun to learn about different cultures, and exchange experiences from our countries. The science courses felt like a nice bonus"


"I think this was a very important experience because it developed my indipendence and showed me other cultures"


"I'd really enjoy a longer experience (2 weeks for example)."


"Nothing, It's been perfet"


"I advise everybody to take part at this project because it makes you meet other people from other countries and it makes you improve your English."


"Other activities with other subjects (not only natural science)"


"It was interesting and I feel like I learned a lot:)"


"The programme the Italians in ERASMUS created for us Norwegians, was absolutely wonderful and I want to give them an extra thanks for managing to create a lovely balance between cultural and scientific activities. In addition, the students and their families were very lovely and welcoming, and really made me feel like home."


"A little bit more of biology in some cases - I loved time in laboratory in Oslo and I would like to do more things like this."


"I was able to share my interests in sciences with other people and at the same time I could train and use my linguistic knowledge and I think that this is my aim: I studied languages to communicate with as many people as possible but languages are just the means, not the end. They're the basis and just after I have studied them I can deepen other disciplines even abroad. I found this project really thought-provoking and stimulating maybe also because I experienced what I might do in my future."


"I'm glad I had this opportunity because it let me met new great people"


"I was very lucky to participate - it was one of the best things that happened to me during high school"


"I‘ve really enjoyed the project and I think it has been amazing. Thanks to this experience, I’ve improved my knowledge about natural sciences and I’ve met new people and new cultures. The labs were interesting and I’ve really had fun."


"It was amazing time. I'm sad that's the end. I think that the last meeting should be with everyone student and teacher from every country."


"While it was fun to participate in a project purely based on natural sciences, it did cause me to fall behind in the other classes at school due to the two weeks of exchange being so close to each other. (It was still totally worth it though)"


"more sosial activities"


"I think that Erasmus raised my awareness about many issues, allowed me to learn more about foreign cultures and of course gave me the opportunity to meet many fantastic people."


"I really loved Oslo as a city and it was great just to know better another city and it’s culture"


"I met amazing people there and now I have new friendships. I' m still in contact with my host from Oslo. This program encouraged me to travel and meet people from different cultures. It was pleasure to participated in Erasmus +."


"I wish it took longer"


"It really helped my english"


"It was really interesting to see how other sciences students works, and compare it to how we work with sciences in Norway."


"People with whom I have met were amazing. All of exercises were really interesting. I spent A lot of time with lovely people and I had A lot of fun"


"age difference was the biggest communication setback"


"The project was a good opportunity to learn about natural sciences differently. It also developed my communication skills and helped me get new friends, experience other cultures and their traditions. I am thankful about this opportunity because it made my personality grow."


"I becam more brave and open minded"


"I really enjoyed the experience and time spent in host families, getting to know new culture"


"It was better than I thought it will be. It was awesome! :)"


"The project gave an insight how students from different countries are learning in school and outside, for example, going to various outside school activities or going to museums."


"It was a very valuable experience. It gave a good cultural perspective and improved my knowledge in natural sciences."


"I found this project very helpful. I had the opportunity to meet new people but also to visit new beautiful places. I also love science and thanks to this project I could increase my knowledge about it."


"Made good friends from other countries."


"I made some friends from other countries which is also a good benefit."


"It was a great experience."


"Valuable time spent with interesting people."


"It was inspiring."


"That was the good time for me and I would like to take part in the Erasmus Programme in the future (studies)"


"It was amazing experience to get to know other cultures (when I was in Italy and also when Norwegian students were here in Latvia), also I think it is the best way how to develop our English skills."


"This exchange project helped me gain friends in germany not just colleagues but true friends. I loved everything!"


"It was a joy taking part in the project, and I really enjoyed both travelling to Italy and recieving the polish students here in Norway."


"One of most fun and educational experiences of this year"

Bømark Hanssen

"Age should be considered when pairing students. Language and cultural experience should be emphasized when advertising for the project:)"


"It was an honor to participate in such a great project and to meet my very kind host family."


"My host family has been really friendly and welcoming and I really got to see a lot of the city.
I had a great time in Oslo and my stay made me want to see more of Norway!"


"All the host students were very nice and showed us a lot in Oslo."


"I am really greatful that I was apart of this exchange! Thank you."


"I hope this project will be continued. I meet a lot of new friends. I learned a lot in natural science and a lot about other countries."



"I think the exchange helped our school a lot. Especially the talks to each of the participants during long walks and in discussions gave me new ideas about looking on our German processes of teaching and learning. I took several ideas of the project, new ideas for the school development and follow up projects."


"Special pedagogical benefits from Germany - research centers. Thank you for the smart project management Ralph! I propose delegate to the next project - split functions (home page, quality monitoring diaries)."


"Il progetto ERASMUS è stato un'ottima opportunità per il mio lavoro: ho potuto confrontarmi con colleghi europei e conoscere le attività riguardo le STEAM nelle scuole di altre nazioni. Un'opportunità anche per gli studenti di confrontarsi con altri studenti europei e di visitare nuovi luoghi della cultura scientifica. Non meno importante il progetto mi ha permesso di migliorare il mio inglese."


"I could see a different way of teaching and of organizing school and trips. This helped me to see that something different is always possible!"

De Matteis

"European projects are always a great opportunity for their partecipants and their enviroment to achieve a different point of view on life."


"I learned about how schools are organized in other European countries. Also I learned about how Latvia is handling its waste in the landfill outside Riga. Due to climate changes and resource shortage, it is interesting to see how it is possible to cope with these problems in other countries.
This cooporation has also showed me that youths in the four countries from which I have met youths, are much alike and all have better experience in English than the older generation in all countries. Foreign languages, and in special English, are important to get to know each other and make friends with youths in other countries in Europe. It has been a good experience to see how the youths have got in contact with each other and cooperated in the project.
It has also been very nice to get to know the other teachers in the project. We have had many interesting talks and discussions over pedagogics, culture, school politics and life in general. This has made the weeks interesting for me."


"I have really enjoyed it. It has been both fun and interesting to see the schools and school systems in other countries. I think it was a good experience for the students and I got new ideas for my own teaching."


"Is was really a nice experience even if I could not go to Riga (family problems)"


"My project benefits: I have met the teachers from other schools and other countries and I got to know how they live and how they work at schools. I had unique oportunity to compare schools systems of the partner countries and how do they work in the foeld of MINT. I got to know how to improve my biological laboratory equipment, how to orgasnize practical activities better.
And what is the most important thing - I made international friends in personal and both proffessional dimensions. I feel and I deeply hope our cooperation will continue in the nearest future."


"It was very valuable to see the schools in 2 different countries and exchange with ideas how to improve school and work with talented students."


"I like excitement and participation in projects is such a challenge. It is interesting to observe your pupils' opportunities in the international environment and their communication with their peers. interest of scouts in research in exact subjects, possibility to observe the development of science of other peoples."


"This project gave me an excellent experience in German culture, and their tradition, they gave me great knowledge in teaching and other wonderful ideas, that can be implemented in my own classes, also great experiments were shown."


"Avendo partecipato ad una esperienza di questo tipo per la prima volta, per me è stato tutto molto stimolante e interessante.
Purtroppo le mie scarse conoscenze della lingua inglese non mi hanno consentito di interagire in maniera proficua e collaborativa con i miei colleghi"


"E' la prima volta che vengo coinvolta in un progetto Erasmus e purtroppo, per motivi personali, ho potuto partecipare personalmente solo alla settimana svoltasi in Italia; è stato comunque stimolante il confronto, anche se indiretto, con realtà nuove ed ho seguito con grande interesse il resoconto dei colleghi. Ritengo estremamente costruttivi questi scambi sia per i ragazzi che per noi docenti."


"Uzskatu, ka iesaistīšanās projektā ir pilnveidojusi manu valodu kompetenci, tehnoloģiju kompetenci, mācīšanās kompetenci, mācīšanas kompetenci; paplašinājusi zināšanas par klasvadības un skolvadības metodēm un formām; paplašinājusi manu izpratni par Eiropas Savienības valstīm, iepazīstot apmeklēto valstu kultūru, tradīcijas, vēsturi.
Organizējot nodarbības Latvijā ieguvu pieredzi ekskursiju organizēšanā un plānošanā, kā arī ieguvu augstskolu lektoru kontaktus un vīziju nākotnes sadarbībai."


"The age of the participating student should be more equal."


"The project helped me acquire a better understanding of the different modern approaches to teaching MINT subjects, considerably influenced by each country's cultural and economic resources, and raise awareness about the common mission we all have as European citizens, i. e. safeguard our unity despite and beyond our differences."


"to come into contact with cultural and educational experiences of teachers from other countries"


"Riga did a brilliant job with organizing the meeting."


"Meeting teachers and students from different countries can help you to develope your own skills. You can compare your methods of work with the methods of your friends from abroad. It is also important to get to know different European cultures, which I did not have the opportunity to get to know earlier. I have never met Latvians and Norwegians before. It was a nice experience. I also confirmed my observations that people should not be divided into nationality, but if they are open to others. I am very happy that I could participate in this Erasmus+ project.
Thank you all."


"Thanks for possibility to meet interesting teachers, peolple from other countries."


"it's important to know different culture, new teaching ideas and to see other teachers working with their students."


"I learned a lot concerning lots of different aspects."


"The project was a great and exciting experience. Especially the exchange between the different partners and their school systems was interesting. The great personal contact with the teachers and students was very enriching."


"Very interesting insight into the different school systems, curricula and financial management"

Education partners


"Use of digital media for the exchange, e.g. Web conferencing, can reduce travel expenses, as well as contribute to the continuity of the project"