Reports of Our Meetings

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Initial Meeting in Biberach, September 2017

Program EXRECO Biberach 24.9.-30.9.2017

Sunday, 24.9.2017

Individual arrivals

Transfer to hotel by R. Lange


Monday, 25.9.2017

8:30 – Welcome, school canteen (Lange)

9:30 – Briefing, Room B 007 (Lange)

10:30 – Visit of school partner Boehringer Ingelheim, Biberach (Bernlöhr, Lange)

13:00 – Lunch at the school canteen (Bernlöhr, Lange, Mayer)

14:00 – 16:00 – School tour

14:00 – Biotec

14:20 – Explorers

15:10 – Computer Science and Robotics

15:30 - Science

19:00 – Dinner at the „Goldene Ente“ (Mayer, Puza)

Tuesday, 26.9.2017 – Seminar and Workshops, Holzbau Bildungszentrum

9:00 – fiancial agreements

9:25 – Our project (Semrau); travels and timeline, communication, presentation (Lange)

10:30 – Expectations of the partners

12:30 – Lunch at the Holzbau Bildungszentrum

13:30 – 17:00 - Presentations of partner schools: general information, education system, curricula with a focus on Science, special offers and extracurricular activities

18:30 – Transfer to Bad Schussenried (Braig, Semrau)

19:00 – Dinner at the Brauereigaststätte

Wednesday, 27.9.2017

9:00 – Meetingpoint: Mr. Lange’s office

9:15 – 10:00 – Hospitation Chemistry OR English

10:05 – 10:50 – Hospitation Physics OR German

11:15 - Meetingpoint: Mr. Lange’s office

11:30 – Guided city tour (Mayer)

12:45 – Lunch at the school canteen (Lange, Mayer)

14:30 – 15:00 – Dr. Jens Winter (Hochschule Biberach, Maths), B 007

15:10 – 16:30 – Workshop Exchange of Ideas (Braig, Lange)

17:00 – 17:30 – Welcome by the Mayor of Biberach, town hall


18:45 – Transfer from the hotel to the centre (Lange, Semrau)

19:30 – Fidelio, Stadthalle Biberach

Thursday, 28.9.2017

(times and details not yet fixed)

8:45 – Transfer to the Hochschule Biberach (Biotechnology) (Lange, Bernlöhr)

Excursion to Ulm by train

Friday, 29.9.2017

(7:31 - Departure of the delegation from Oslo)

9:00 – Excursion to the Schülerforschungszentrum Bad Saulgau (Bernlöhr, Mayer)

12:30 - Lunch (Bernlöhr, Lange)

14:00 – Final meeting and exchange, Schülerforschungszentrum (Lange)

19:00 – Dinner at Pedi, Biberach (Lamprecht, Lange)

Saturday, 30.9.2017

Individual departures

C1 Learning, Teaching and Training Meeting in Cento, March 2018

EXRECO Cento 4.3.-10.3.2018 - Short report

SUNDAY, March 4th 2018


On 4th March 2018 the Norwegian and Latvian delegation with their 8 students and 2 teachers landed in Cento (Ferrara) in the North of Italy and started the first short exchange students‘ week.

As usual pupils and their families were all excited and impatient to meet their partners from Norway and Latvia, with whom they would have spent their first Erasmus week.

The Norwegian delegation arrived as scheduled, so that host families could spend some time with their guests on Sunday evening. The two Norvegian teachers could spend some time with their Italian collegues and enjoy a typical Italian dinner.

Unfortunately the Latvian delegation arrived very late in the evening because of delay.


MONDAY, March 5th, 2018



A „chemistry“ welcome started officially the Italian Erasmus week. The students of the class 2 A of Liceo Cevolani showed to the guests a presentation of some cultural aspects of Italy.

Afterwards the Erasmus students in groups attended the 3D-print project, which had been organized in cooperation with the CENTEC of the university of Ferrara. Pupils will get their 3D printed objects by the end oft he week.

During the morning the Erasmus guests with their Italian partners could have a short guided tour in Cento.

Erasmus students could spend then the afternoon on their own: Host families organized a tour in the near cities of Bologna and Ferrara.

Erasmus teachers were introduced into the Italian school system and into the host school organization, so that they could start to exchange ideas.


TUESDAY, March 6th, 2018



The Museum of Maths „Archimede’s Garden“ in Florence was the main topic of the day.  The whole Erasmus group together with one class of Liceo Cevolani went by coach to Florence, where they attended a workshop at the Museum of Maths. The activity was carried on afterwards downtown, where students should recognized the monuments and buildings, they had previously seen from a mathematic point of view during the workshop in the museum.

Of course the Erasmus guests could also enjoy their free time in Florence walking in the centre of the town and along the river Arno.


WEDNESDAY, March 7th, 2018


MUSE – Museum of Natural Science in Trento

By coach the Erasmus group together with the class 2P of Liceo Cevolani reached the Museum of Natural Science MUSE in Trento. Here the whole group of students had a guided tour and could attend a workshop on Mendel in the museum, which is an important example of Italian research centre in the world.


TUESDAY, March 8th, 2018


LABCAR – Fondazione Golinelli at Liceo Cevolani

The main topic of the day was Labcar. The scientific team of Golinelli foundation led in English our Erasmus guests into the observation of the cells using an electronic microscope.

Afterwards the whole Erasmus group was received by the mayor in the town hall, who underlined the importance of European meetings and projects.

The Italian Erasmus teachers organized at school the Erasmus restaurant, where the school staff could meet the Erasmus students and their partners.

The sunny afternoon was dedicated to visit Ferrara or Bologna.


FRIDAY, March 9th, 2018


By train the Erasmus group reached Venice, which is a must in every international meeting at Liceo Cevolani.

Walking throug the narrow streets (calli) of Venice, foreign students could enjoy the sun, the sea and they were amazed by a town without cars.

This was the last trip before departure.


SATURDAY, March 10th, 2018

At different times the Erasmus delegations left.  

As usual the atmosphere by the departure was sad. Erasmus students greeted their partners and wished to meet again, may be in summer.



C2 Learning, Teaching and Training Meeting in Swidnica, April 2018

EXRECO Swidnica 15.4.- 21.4.2018

Sunday, 15.04

20.00 - Italian team‘s arrival (transfer by private bus from Berlin Schoenefeld to Świdnica), German team‘s arrival (transfer by private bus from Wroclaw airport to Świdnica). Meeting point – the school (Świdnica, Pionierów Ziemi Świdnickiej 30)


Monday, 16.04.

10.00 – Welcoming meeting at the school with headmaster, teachers, students involved in the project; tour of the school, ice-breaking activities

13.00 – Lunch, hotel „Sportowy“

15.00 – Field game “Getting to know history and historical places of Świdnica” (about 2,5 – 3 hrs). Students (divided into groups), equipped with historical maps are answering questions and solving challenging tasks in the old town of Świdnica


Tuesday, 17.04.

09.00 – Departure to Wrocław (from the school), capital of the Lower Silesia region. Guided trip with sightseeing (return to Świdnica at about 17.00) (

19.00 – Dinner at the restaurant “Łaźnia” (teachers only)


Wednesday, 18.04.

09.00 – Presentations of partner schools and cities/regions (school assembly hall)

10.30 – Coffee break

11.00 - Workshop on biology – group 1 (room 203), workshop on chemistry – group 2 (room 015)

12.30 – Workshop on biology – group 2 (room 203), workshop on chemistry – group 2 (room 015)

14.30–15.30 - Teachers’ workshop on the project (current activity, plans for the future, documents, certificates, evaluation etc.)

free afternoon for the students

Thursday, 19.04.

08.00 – departure to „Orle” tourist station, Jakuszyce, Izera Mountains (by bus from the school, app. 2 hrs. of travel),

10.00 – acommodation, lunch at the station

12.00 – field trip (easy hike) to Bukovec mountain (impressive basalt hill with unique forest ecosystem) and Jizerka (Czech Republic)

Please, take field clothes with you: shoes for hiking, raincoat etc.

Evening – activities on astronomy: lectures and practice with observations in the spot famous of unique sky darkness – organization of this point of the trip depends on the weather. Keep your fingers crossed. In case of rain, we have alternative option, also very interesting. Astronomical workshop will be led by the scientists from University of Wrocław.

Late evening – rest and relax by a bonfire plus sausages and other tasty food…

We’ll spend one night in a tourist station - rooms with a tourist standard.


Friday, 20.04.

08.00 – Waking up, tiding up the rooms

09.00 – breakfast

10.00 – walk to Izera river valley peat bogs

12.00 – departure to Świdnica (14.00 – arrival)

16.00 – „Specialty afternoon” at the school. Groups of national teams are preparing (cooking) healthy and/or tasty dishes. Then – collective tasting

Free evening


Saturday, 21.04.

Ca. 05.30–06.00 – departure of the Italian team to Berlin Schoenefeld airport (11.30 take-off to Bologna)

Ca. 13.00 – departure of the German team to Wrocław airport (16.50 take-off to Munich)

Midterm Meeting in Riga, September 2018


The two-year Erasmus project of the Wieland-Gymnasium "Exreco" (explore, research, communicate), promoting young scientists at the Gymnasium, enters the second round. Our school is the initiator and organizer of this European project, for which the partnership of four other European schools could be won: "Foss videregående skole" in Oslo, "Rīgas Valsts 3. ģimnāzija" in Riga, "I Liceum Ognolnoksztalcace im. Jana Kasprowicza" in Schweidnitz and the "Liceo gimnasio statale Guiseppe Cevolani" in Cento participate. After the first meeting of the leading teachers of all five schools in September 2017 in Biberach, there were two working meetings with school groups in the Italian Cento and in Schweidnitz, Poland, at which two schools each sent a group of eight selected students to a third school.

From the 23rd to the 29th September 2018, the mid-term project meeting of the responsible teachers of the project took place in Riga. From the Wieland-Gymnasium, Ms. Semrau (organization and overall management) and Ms. Bernlöhr (head of the natural sciences) took part at the event. The purpos of the meetig was to communicate the activities taken in each school, to coordinate the further method and to prepare the upcoming activities. Furthermore, the profiles of the Latvian School and their working methods in the field of science were presented, as well as the educational partners (library, university and energy efficiency center) visited and illustrated with concrete examples with groups of students, how our Latvian partner school introduces their students to the university working methods and how they promote the attractiveness of a science-oriented career.

Of course, the hosts from Riga did not miss the opportunity to present their school and city to the guests of the European partner schools - a task that was not difficult for the quality and attractiveness of the localities and left a lasting impression on all participants.


Final meeting at the office of principal Andris Priekulis


Microscopy at the biological faculty of the University of Riga

Exreco Riga 23.9.-29.9.2018 - Short report

Sunday, 23.9.2018

23.30 - Arrival at the airport in Riga.


Monday, 24.09.2018

10.00 - Principal Andris Priekulis picks up the participants from the hotel.

Ride with the minibus to Jurmala.

Lunch at the inn.

The program nature trail was canceled because of the bad weather.


Tuesday, 25.9.2018

8.20 - Meeting in the school.

Trip to the Energy Efficiency Centre in Jurmala with the guide Marcis Greiselis.

Interactive program with groups of four students and two teachers about energy saving.

Meeting with the Erasmus participants and exchange of the experiences.

Lunch at the school cafeteria.

Chemistry performance by "" at school.

Guided tour through the old town of Riga.

Supper of all the participants. -  Invitation for live music performance by the principal.


Wednesday, 26.9.2018

Ride by train to the botanical gardens in Salaspils by the guide Evi Kurina.

Guided tour through the gardens and the greenhouse.

Student activity - Presentation and learning circle on plant breeding.

Lunch at the mall Stockmann with view on Riga.

School guidance by two students.

Presentation of the timetable and organization of the state gymnasium No. 3 in Riga by Dita Lapina. (focus on natural sciences)

Meeting of the Erasmus participants. - Agreements, results and further procedure of the project.


Thursday, 27.9.2018

Meeting with the Erasmus participants and exchange of the experiences.

Excursion with guided tour to the Latvian national library.

Visit of the university with the students. - Microscopix practice in the laboratory.

Evening event - Concert in the concert hall the big Gilde in Riga. (Invitation of the school)


Friday, 28.9.2018

Presentation of the research results in English by the students.

Lunch at the school.

Final meeting of the Erasmus group with feedback and outlook.

Visit to the pharmacy museum in Riga. - Interactive guided tour by the students.

Final dinner at a fish restaurant in Riga. (Invitation of the school)

C3 Learning, Teaching and Training Meeting in Biberach, December 2018

Program EXRECO Biberach 09.12.-15.12.2018

Sunday (09.12.2018)

individual arrivals

Monday (10.12.2018)

07:25 - media centre

08:15 - official welcome in media centre & guided tour of WG

09:15 - ice-breakers

10:30 - presentations about schools, school systems, contents and scientific profiles

12:00 - lunch in school canteen

13:00 - egg race

15:30 - Planetarium Laupheim

ca. 18:45 - students back at school (bus transfer)

Tuesday (11.12.2018)

08:00 - meeting at foyer

08:20 - Visit schoolpartner Boehringer Ingelheim; walk 30 minutes

afterwards - walk back to the city centre & lunch at Christkindlesmarkt

14:00 till 16:00 - Workshop junior scientists: TicTac Torch

Free evening: leisure time (family)

Wednesday (12.12.2018)

08:00 - Meeting at foyer

08:30 till 11:00 - workshops at SFZ in Bad Saulgau

12:00 till 15:00 -  Ulm: Lunch: market place & Sightseeingin Ulm

16:00 - Back at school

Free evening: leisure time (family)

Thursday (13.12.2018)

07:25 - Preparation for science conference

08:15 till 10:50 - science conference in foyer assembly hall

11:00 - lessons with host students

12:35 - Lunch in school canteen

Free afternoon

Friday (14.12.2018)

08:10 - meeting at foyer

08:15 - students' workshops: Robotics (guests)

11:00 - lessons with host students

12:20 - lunch in school canteen

13:20 - Transfer by bus to the "Sinnwelt" Jordanbad

18:00 till 19:00 - farewell party (including host families)

Saturday (15.12.2018)

individual departures


C4 Learning, Teaching and Training Meeting in Riga, March 2019

Program EXRECO Riga 17.03.-23.03.2019

Sunday (17.03.2019)

individual arrivals

Monday (18.03.2019)

08:20 till 09:00 - 1st lesson in Riga State Gymnasium No.3 (students go to the lessons)

                           Teachers: meeting with the principal Andris Priekulis

09:00 till 09:30 - Excursion around the school

                           Teachers: still at the meeting with the principal Andris Priekulis

09:30 till 10:00 - Presentation of Riga State Gymnasium No.3

10:00 till 11:30 - New Scientists lesson

11:40 till 12:50 - Lunch at school

13:00 till 14:30 - Icebreakers, teambuilding activities

14:30 till 16:00 - Getting to know Old Riga

Evening at your disposal

Tuesday (19.03.2019)

Take packed lunch (hosts prepare it for the students); Going by trains. Price for the transport - covered by Riga

08:30 - Meeting at school

09:00 till 12:00 - A field trip to Energy Efficiency Centre

14:00 till 16:00 - A field trip to Getliņi EKO

Wednesday (20.03.2019)

Going by trains. Price for the transport - covered by Riga

08:45 - Meeting at school

09:00 - Train to Salaspils

10:00 - Excursion around the greenhouse in The National Botanic Garden of Latvia and practical activities

13:30 - Lunch

14:30 till 17:30 - Excursion to the Latvian Museum of Natural History

Thursday (21.03.2019)

On foot

08:20 till 11:30 - Students attend lessons with their hosts

                           Teachers: optional lesson observation

11:40 - Meeting downstairs at school

11:50 till 12:30 - Visiting National Library of Latvia

12:30 till 13:30 - Activity in the National Library of Latvia - calligraphy

13:35 till 13:45 - Going to the Academic Centre of University of Latvia

13:50 till 14:20 - Lunch at the Academic Centre of University of Latvia

14:20 till 15:20 - Laser centre of University of Latvia

15:20 till 16:10 - Excursion and activities in the Academic Centre of University of Latvia

16:10 till 17:00 - Laboratory work "Cell"

Friday (22.03.2019)


09:00 till 09:20 - Research work in Riga State Gymnasium No.3 - information

09:30 till 13:20 - Students' Research Conference

13:20 till 14:00 - Lunch at school

14:10 till 14:45 - Students' Research Conference - closure, diplomas, certificates, attendance sheets

15:00 till 16:00 - A chemistry activity at school with laboratorium

16:15 till 18:00 - Final gathering (with food, drink, activities)

19:00 - Joint dinner for the teachers in the project - an invitation

Saturday (23.03.2019)

individual departures


C5 Learning, Teaching and Training Meeting in Oslo, April 2019

Program EXRECO Oslo 31.03.-05.04.2019

Sunday (31.03.2019)

12:45 till 13:15 - Get together for German students and Norwegian host families; hosting German students

Monday (01.04.2019)

Bring packed lunch from home

08:50 - Gathering in the entrance of Ole Johan Dahl's Buildung, UiO

09:00 till 13:00 - Visit to The Department of Informathics, University of Oslo; Student information and practical programming

ca. 12:00 - Lunch (bring packed lunch from home) & Students from Poland arrive at the school

13:00 till 14:00 - Travelling to Tøyen, either from the school (Polish students) or from the Department of Informathics

14:00 till 15:30 - Assistant Professor Petter Bøckman gives a lecture: Human evolution

Tuesday (02.04.2019)

Bring packed lunch from home

09:50 - Gathering in the entrance of The Viking Ship Museum

10:00 till 12:00 - Guided tour at The Viking Ship Museum and ca. one hour for independent visit in the Museum

12:00 till 13:45 - Travel from Bygdøy to downtown Oslo; Packed lunch independently; Students walk independently in downtown Oslo

13:45 - Gathering outside The Town Hall

14:00 till 15:30 - Visit to Oslo's Mayor Marianne Borgen

Wednesday (03.04.2019)

08:20 - Gathering at The Norwegian Meteorological Insitute, outside the main entrance

08:30 till 10:30 - Visit to The Norwegian Meteorological Insitute; Lecture: Climate changes in a Norwegian perspective; Guided tour outdoors to see the measuring instruments

10:30 till 11:15 - Break; walk from The Norwegian Meorological Institute to Kristine Bonnevie's Building (Biology Building)

11:15 till 11:45 - Lunch at room 4424 in Kristine Bonnevie's Building (Biology Building)

11:45 till 16:00 - Visit to BioGeoChemistry in the Anthropocene, University of Oslo

Thursday (04.04.2019)

Bring packed lunch from home

08:50 - Gathering in the entrance of Kristine Bonnevie's Building (Biology Building)

09:00 till 13:15 - Visit to The School Laboratory at the Department of Biosciences

09:00 till 11:00 - School Laboratory group 1: Transformation of the bacterium Escherichia coli

                          Lunch & Guided tour around the campus

11:15 till 13:15 - School Laboratory group 2: Transformation of the bacterium Escherichia coli

                          Lunch & Guided tour around the campus

13:10 - Gathering in the entrance of Kristine Bonnevie's Building (Biology Building)

13:10 till 14:00 - Travel to The Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology

14:00 - Gathering in the entrance of The Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology

14:00 till 15:00 - Guided walk in the exhibition FOLK - from racial types to DNA sequences

15:00 till 16:00 - Independent visit to the museum

Friday (05.04.2019)

Bring packed lunch from home

09:00 till 14:00 - Term test

08:50 - Gathering in the entrance of The Norwegian Museum of Cultural History

09:00 till 11:30 - Visit to the Norwegian Museum of Cultural History; Guided tour of a part of The Open Air Museum; Practical work

11:30 till 14:15 - Visit the museum independently; having lunch; walking downtown Oslo; travel to the school

14:15 till 15:30 - Final gathering with food, drink and activities 

Final Meeting in Swidnica, June 2019

Sunday, 2nd June

Late arrival of the participating teachers and headmasters in Swidnica. First meeting in city centre. Informal talks.

Monday, 3 rd June

In the morning: Official welcome at school by organizing teacher M. Zabrovski. Talks about the program. Speech by headteacher Dr Robert Kaśków and local school authorities. Guided tour of the school with focus on STEM facilities. Visit of school museum. Lunch meeting with Polish Erasmus students.


In the afternoon: Guided tour of Swidnica. Informal talks of team members.

Tuesday, 4 th June

Trip to Wrocław with guided tour. In the afternoon long final discussion of project results, products, dissemination and final report. Questionnaire for students and teachers developed. Expoloration walk through the Zoo. Walk around Centennial Hall (UNESCO heritage monument). In the evening return to Swidnica (with delay - bus engine with problems).

Wednesday, 5th June

Walk in the  Karkonosze mountains. Intensive talks about project. Guided tour on the Śnieżka, walk to Dom Śląski shelter and Śnieżka, swamps, peat bogs and Giant Mountains, “tundra”, “Lucni Bouda” shelter, visit to “Vang” medieval wooden church. In the evening return to Świdnica

Thursday, 6th June

Visit of the Śnieżka” Chocolate Factory. Talk about production process. Walk to Książ castle with guided tour. Exploring historical palm houses in
 Wałbrzych - Lubiechów.
Farewell dinner at “Łaźnia”/“Kryształowa” restaurant, with speeches of all delegations and certificates

Friday, 7th June

Departures and travels home.


Group picture