A Brief Overview of Our Activities

Transnational Project Meetings

There will be three project meetings:

The initial meeting will take place in Biberach (Germany) in September 2017. Of each partner school there will be participating two representatives (key persons) including the headmaster. The initial goal will be to get to know the project partners and to match the information on the main conception of the project. In addition, the visiting project partners will have the possibility to get acquainted with the German stakeholders and to get a first impression on the working methods of the pedagogical staff at Wieland-Gymnasium participating in short-term job shadowing.

The midterm meeting will be hold in Riga (Latvia) in September 2018. Two representatives (key persons) of all partner schools will take part in the conference; the partners will provide interim reports and first results of questionnaires and feedback; visiting partners will participate in job shadowing exploring different approaches and exchanging new ideas; the results of the job shadowing will be recorded and uploaded on the project website.


The final meeting will take place in Świdnica (Poland) in June 2019. Of each partner school there will be two representatives (key persons). Apart from another round of short-term job shadowing, the main goal of the final meeting will be the presentation of the results obtained from the monitoring and evaluation activities and the way of proceeding with the dissemination in all partner countries (e.g. planning and preparing of teacher training programs); together the partners will prepare a draft of the final report.

Learning, Teaching and Training Activities

Preparing students for the working environment in the European Union implies the putting into practise of the European idea starting with the schools. If we want to improve the employability of our students, we must provide them with a wide range of possibilities for their course of action. The activities planned for our project include teachers, students and educational partners of five European countries. By presenting, modifying and improving teaching and training activities we create examples of best practise that can be of use at schools all over Europe. Learning from students and teachers from other countries will widen their perspectives and understanding of different cultures, develop their problem-solving skills, improve their communication abilities, their language and their intercultural competence.


C1 Meeting in Cento in March 2018

C2 Meeting in Swidnica in April 2018

C3 Meeting in Biberach in December 2018

C4 Meeting in Riga in March 2019

C5 Meeting in Oslo in April 2019

Project Management and Implementation Activities

- creating a website for the project

- uploading results onto the website

- organizing workshops at schools for exchange students and teachers

- preparing and organizing the meetings

- preparing and conducting the dissemination of the results

Multiplier Events

- preparing and organizing information meetings for interested parties  (April – July 2019)

Monitoring Activities

• team teaching and job shadowing on national and transnational level

• questionnaires for students (before – during – after the project)

• reports from students and teachers

• interviews with stakeholders

• regular feedback sheets from group members and partner schools

• reports from students (BOGY-type after visiting external partners)

• financial recording


• self-evaluation sheets (for students and teachers)

• inviting external partners as critical friends

• pre- and post evaluation of the numbers of students starting a career in the field of MINT

• SOFT analysis during and after the project


Overview 2017-2019


Timetable 2017/18


Timetable 2018/19